Imaging Center receives new equipment

The wing becomes more complete, modern and can offer more exams to the community

Taking care of the health and life of thousands of children and teenagers requires Pequeno Príncipe Hospital to constantly update itself. The Hospital’s Imaging Center has undergone an ample modernization of its equipment in the last months to help the teams deliver even more accurate diagnoses. The Imaging Center performs radiography exams (simple X-rays and contrast exams), ultrasonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and interventional radiology. It is Brazil’s largest pediatric imaging center and performed 112.610 exams in 2018. “For the patients undergoing treatment at the Hospital, having an imaging center at their disposal means quicker exams and results and, consequently, to deliver a diagnosis and allow treatment to begin faster, which means saving lives,” explained Jorge Ledesma, the physician responsible for the Imaging Center. This agility contributes to making the national public healthcare system (SUS) more effective, since it reduces the wait time for exams and access to results.


Among the recently acquired equipment are two digital X-ray devices, used for conventional and contrast exams. Tomography equipment and two new ultrasonography devices were also bought and this will make it possible to run exams that weren’t available in Pequeno Príncipe before, such as vascular and cardiac tomographies, contrast ultrasound exams with micro bubbles (which can replace tomographies in many situations) and elastrography (which can substitute biopsy procedures).

According to the coordinator of Pequeno Príncipe’s Imaging Center, these renovations and new acquisitions greatly benefit the patients, making procedures quicker, providing more precise images and diminishing the radiological exposure, since this new equipment are able to generate high quality images with reduced radiation. Also, these new equipment are calibrate for radiation according to international standards, upgraded research projects and control in partnership with Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Research Institute.

Physical space

The final renovations for other areas, such as reception, administrative wings, anesthetic recovery area and waiting rooms, are due for the second semester of 2019. All of these spaces will be remodeled to offer more comfort for children and their families, in an environment that is relaxed and playful.


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