Edition 1
New York hosts Pequeno Príncipe Gala on October 12, 2017
Get to know the story of Juninho
Pequeno Príncipe develops app for patients with primary immunodeficiences
”Robot Laura” helps the Hospital identify and reduce cases of sepsis
Edition 2
Pequeno Principe prepares to inaugurate Biobank and Genomics Laboratory
Rare diseases may also require bone marrow transplants
A single bone marrow donor saved the lives of twin brothers
Neonatal ICU turns 25
Edition 3
Fine dining, solidarity and Brazilian music at the Pequeno Príncipe Gala
Research benefits 150 thousand children from five Brazilian states
Bioethics Committee discusses ethical dilemmas, limits between life and death
Isabela’s story: the wish to become a doctor after her treatment at Pequeno Príncipe
Edition 4
An event that sparkled with solidarity and fine dining: the 2017 Gala was a fundraising success, thanks to the many people who united to make it possible
How volunteerism has shaped Hospital Pequeno Príncipe’s history and continues to be vital to the Institution’s activities
Research looks into alternative to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy medication
Three-year-old twins reunite and celebrate a successful bone marrow transplant after being separated for 40 days
Edition 5
Pequeno Príncipe: 99 years of pioneering and innovation
Intestinal rehabilitation provides life quality to patients with short bowel syndrome
Ryan is overcoming short bowel syndrome
An educational hospital
Edition 6
Pequeno Príncipe is in mourning due to violence against children and teenagers
Pequeno Príncipe is one of the most important centers of pediatric cardiac surgery in Brazil
Research proves that computer games can help children with attention deficit disorder
Glass bones, heart of gold
Edition 7
Curitiba hosts the 9th edition of the Pequeno Príncipe Gala
Here comes the Pequeno Príncipe North
Pequeno Príncipe carries out clinical trials with new medication
Support House becomes a home for Adailton and his grandmother
Edition 8
Pequeno Príncipe Gala exceeds fundraising goal
Pequeno Príncipe’s second semester was full of recognition
New equipment delivers quicker results and helps save lives
Learn the story of the patient who had the first autotransplant in the world
Edition 9
Imaging Center receives new equipment
Pequeno Príncipe’s first transplant is now 30 years old
Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Research Institute’s studies seek to establish adequate radiation levels for children’s exams
Cochlear implant makes it possible for severely deaf children to regain hearing
Edition 10
Pelé kicks off celebrations for Pequeno Príncipe’s 100 years
Pequeno Príncipe’s Center for Realistic Simulation begins its activities
Translational Medicine brings together science and clinical experiences
Former patients become Pequeno Príncipe’s employees
Edition 11
Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is awarded for its excellence
Research aims to relate cardiac malformations to immunodeficiencies
Even stronger beating hearts
For the past 20 years, André has celebrated his birthday with the ICU Neonatal team
Edition 12
Pequeno Príncipe completes 100 years
The institution’s history was written by many hands
2019 Gala celebrates Pequeno Príncipe’s centennial
“Pequeno Príncipe Gamomics” teaches about new generation sequencing
Edition 13
Pequeno Príncipe Hospital: in 100 years, a revolution in the healthcare of children and adolescents
Pequeno Príncipe Gala brings together supporters in New York
Research establishes protocol for early diagnosis of adrenal cortex cancer
"I'm grateful to Pequeno Príncipe for teaching me what is empathy"
Edition 14
Dr. Rodrigo Vianna follows Pequeno Príncipe's liver transplant
Pequeno Príncipe qualifies health professionals to perform all over Brazil
Researchers publish book about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
From former patient to Medical student

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