Pequeno Príncipe starts TV campaign to raise funds

The initiative seeks to mobilize society to support the cause of children’s health. Donations can be made at

The great challenge of Brazilian health institutions that provide assistance by the Public Health System (SUS, abbreviation in Portuguese) is financial sustainability. With highly lagged pay tables, funds received are insufficient to cover expenses. The effects of the pandemic – which suspended surgeries and elective consultations, elevated costs and increased spending on human resources – are added to this already known difficulty. Along with that, inflation escalated in year 2021.

The result of this scenario had a direct impact on philanthropic hospitals across the country. At Pequeno Príncipe, the largest exclusively pediatric hospital in Brazil, the deficit resulting from healthcare, without considering the amounts raised with society, reached US$ 10.4 million: an increase of about 70% in relation to the historical average, which was US$ 6 million.

To face this reality, Pequeno Príncipe increasingly relies on the support of the community. That is why, in the month of May, it launched two methods to make the population aware of the cause of children’s health.

The first initiative has nationwide reach. The advertising campaign “Sonhos,” which is being broadcast on social media and on several closed television channels, such as Globo News, GNT and Animal Planet, has started. The film is betting on a popular strategy overseas – Direct Response Television (DRTV) – in which the ad already indicates an immediate response channel.

Created by Repense agency, with images provided by Africa Agency, Hungry Man and Satélite Audio, the film shows children talking about their dreams. The narrative invites viewers to help make the dream of living possible by donating to the Pequeno Príncipe (see the film at the end of the article). The campaign also makes a new donation page available:

“Having a DRTV was an institutional dream and, in this scenario of a health crisis, it will be a valuable tool for mobilizing society to support our cause. The result of the work is a sensitive, delicate and true film. I am immensely grateful to Africa Agency and our friends Sérgio Gordilho and Fernanda Valente, for providing the beautiful images, and to Repense, for creating the film,” declares the executive director of the Hospital, Ety Cristina Forte Carneiro.

The second initiative, also quite common abroad, is called Face to Face, in which properly uniformed and identified professionals approach citizens and invite them to become donors. The action is being conducted on the streets of downtown Curitiba, host city of Pequeno Príncipe.

Click below and watch the full film.


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