Pequeno Príncipe innovates in remote assessment to maintain ONA (National Accreditation Organization) certification

Due to the pandemic, telepresence robots were used to take the evaluators on a tour through the Hospital’s main health areas

During the routine assessment for the maintenance of Level 3 of ONA Accreditation (National Accreditation Organization), held in the first half of June, Pequeno Príncipe Hospital stood out for allowing the approach of the evaluators – who were at a distance due to the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) – to the reality of the Hospital through the use of “telepresence robots”.

“We have been pursuing the use of our ‘telepresence robots’ for two years and they are ready now, exactly when we need them most. Being able to use them in a large event, such as the ONA maintenance assessment, is very significant. I am very happy to have the equipment ready and face this moment with this methodology,” highlighted the corporate director of the Pequeno Príncipe Complex, José Álvaro da Silva Carneiro.

The device on wheels, consisting of a computer, video camera, sensitivity microphone, speakers and energy storage system, surprised the evaluators and made the job easier for the ten spots it went through. “It was the first remote assessment that we had contact with a telepresence robot. This possibility greatly enriched the experience, because, in addition to allowing contact with top teams in the services, we were able to see the improvements in the physical structure that the Hospital had, especially in the Surgical Center and in the Materials Center. The technology also made it possible to differentiate between operational flows and examine physical documents. For us, it was an extra security in the evaluation process,” said the evaluator Maria Helena Ribeiro Kuhlhoff.

Another highlight made by the leading evaluator, Josiane Oliveira Vivan, was that the institution maintained its strengths and also stood out in this moment of control and containment of the coronavirus. “Despite the pandemic, you have evolved. It is fantastic,” she said.

Pioneering spirit
The Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is one of three health institutions in Paraná selected to participate in tests for the validation of a remote assessment methodology granted by the National Accreditation Organization, the most important Brazilian entity certifying health services. Pioneering in certification is part of the institution’s historical tradition.

Twenty years ago, Pequeno Príncipe stood out as the first hospital in the state to be Accredited by the then Paraná Institute of Health Services Accreditation (IPASS), today called the Institute for Planning and Research for Health Services Accreditation. In the past few years, it has devoted itself strongly to seeking the best and most modern process available for patients and their families. The rigorous evaluations of quality and safety of care, technical and scientific improvement, integrality and humanization in care, interaction with the family, equity and innovation in care, added to high investments, placed the largest pediatric hospital in Brazil in a new level in the health scenario.

ONA Accreditation background
As a result, the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital reached Level 1 of ONA Accreditation in 2016, focused on patient safety; in 2017, Level 2, focused on integrated management; and in the year of the Hospital’s centenary, in 2019, Level 3, the highest concept of this important health certification, which proves excellence in management, quality of care and safety for patients and families. In the health area, the assessment of quality and safety of services is essential, since it guides families to seek the most modern treatments and the best care options for their children and adolescents.


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