Companies, governments and individuals support the Pequeno Príncipe in the fight against the coronavirus

Financial resources are essential to face the deficit generated by the pandemic, which is added to the already existing gap caused by underfunding in the health sector

The year 2020 has brought an additional challenge to Pequeno Príncipe Hospital: the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) should generate an estimated deficit between US$ 3 million and US$ 4 million for the institution, which will be added to the US$ 5 million already recurrent, caused by underfunding in the health sector in Brazil. High prices for supplies, materials, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and essential drugs for coping with the coronavirus, the need to increase stocks, temporary interruption of elective surgeries and reduction of other services, resulting from the necessary social distancing policy, are the origin of the problem. In the month of April, for example, the Hospital’s revenue from the healthcare services provided fell 60% compared to the same period last year. The ER productivity, in the same period, fell 70% compared to 2019.

The federal, state and municipal governments, as well as several companies and individuals, are responding to Pequeno Príncipe’s call for support. Taking all the resources addressed to the institution, the Hospital has already raised US$ 1,7 million by the end of May. And it continues to look for new supporters to increase this amount.

Government funds
The federal government allocated approximately US$ 240,000 to Pequeno Príncipe. This is a transfer referring to Law 13,995, of May 5, 2020, which approved resources for “Santas Casas” and philanthropic hospitals. The sharing criteria for allocation of financial resources was based on the number of beds registered for contingency by the Public Health System (SUS).

The state government, through the State Health Department, also made transfers to the Hospital, in the amount of approximately US$ 440,000. Part of these resources came from the State Council for Children and Adolescents’ Rights (Cedca). The municipal government addressed funds for the maintenance of 10 ICU beds for the care of COVID-19, which will be transferred according to the number of cases assisted.

In these initiatives, the funds can be invested in the acquisition of medicines, supplies, renovations, equipment, definition of protocols and the hiring and payment of professionals to meet the additional demand generated by the pandemic.

There are also federal parliamentary amendments for 2018 and 2019 for the Hospital, which are in a Municipal Health Fund, totaling US$ 500,000. Pequeno Príncipe sent a request to the Municipal Health Department to authorize the use of this resources for general expenses related to the fight against COVID-19.

Companies and individuals
Companies and individuals are also mobilized to support the Pequeno Príncipe. Approximately 750 donations have already been received, totaling approximately US$ 380,000. This is the case, for example, of Credit Suisse, which addressed US$ 146,000 to the Hospital. 

The executive director of the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, Ety Cristina Forte Carneiro, made a special thanks for the support received during the pandemic. “We are deeply grateful to everyone who heard our call and, once again, is committed to the cause of children’s health. The union between the first, second and third sectors is being fundamental to save lives. May this pandemic reinforce the importance of this union in Brazilian society to solve the great problems that our country still faces, caused by social inequality and that impacts in so many areas, such as health, education and sheltering. Pequeno Príncipe, for 100 years, promotes the health of children and adolescents with equity and excellence. We are sure that this joint effort will allow our work to continue, with financial health,” she emphasizes.

Check below the financial panorama and some supporters of Pequeno Príncipe in the fight against the coronavirus:

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