Pequeno Príncipe staff receives intense training to fight the coronavirus

Purpose is to ensure the safety of professionals and patients

Since the beginning of February, professionals working in the different areas of Pequeno Príncipe Hospital have been participating in a series of training courses related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). All subjects were aligned with the team of the Service of Epidemiology and Hospital Infection Control (SEHIC) and with the Coronavirus Contingency Committee. By the end of March, around one thousand professionals were trained.

The SEHIC team carried out more than 30 trainings that involved all departments of the Hospital. “We qualified doctors, nurses, receptionists, cookers, teachers from the Education and Culture Sector, professionals from our laboratory and from the Image Center,” explains the doctor who coordinates the sector, Heloísa Ihle Garcia Giamberardino. The trainings had more than 650 attendees.

The guidelines provided by the Service of Epidemiology and Hospital Infection Control were replicated to other groups of employees through the Nursing Continuing Education team. Approximately 300 nurses and nursing technicians were trained. The work started in the areas devoted to welcoming possible suspected cases of COVID-19, such as Emergencies and the General ICU, and then was extended to other areas of assistance.

In these meetings, professionals received general information, such as the definition of COVID-19, forms of transmission, symptoms and clinical manifestations; ways to protect yourself by correctly dressing and undressing practicing; the types of mask and the indication of use of each one of them; hand hygiene and environment disinfection; and the proper management of patients with suspected disease.

In order to go even further in the knowledge, realistic simulation environments were installed at the Hospital, in which nursing professionals are training technical procedures such as dressing and undressing, and the employee’s movement flow from the areas of care to the suspected or confirmed patient.

For the coordinator of Continuing Education, nurse Mari Angela Berté, “protection and care for professionals is an extremely important point. And the qualification, at this moment, provides, in addition to dexterity in the handling of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), greater security in the care of patients and family members”.

Realistic Simulation Center

The Pequeno Príncipe Realistic Simulation Center, a unit made enabled by the Hospital through the investment of several companies and individuals, is also conducting training aimed at COVID-19. Approximately 100 employees who work at the receptions have already participated in the training, as they are the ones who gives the first service and need to provide safety to patients and family members who arrive at the institution, as well as to prevent the spread of the virus in this first contact.

In practices, they approached suspicious cases, wore masks, simulated isolation, performed surface disinfection and hand hygiene, in addition to clarifying doubts. “Realistic simulation is considered an ally of theoretical guidelines, which are already being widely disseminated,” highlights the supervisor of the Realistic Simulation Center, Claudia Maria Baroni Fernandes, who coordinated the meetings.

These trainings involved professionals from the receptions of Public Health System Emergency Rooms, Private and Insurance Plans Emergency Rooms, Admissions and PABX. For the staff, the moment was essential to develop self-confidence. “I believe that our role is very important, we need to feel safe. And this training showed how much the Hospital cares for us,” says the receptionist Bruna Krause.

Support in the fight against COVID-19
“Ensuring the safety of our employees and our patients is crucial for us. However, it is necessary to remember that these trainings, as well as the purchase of a larger volume of Personal Protective Equipment, which prices had a significant increase due to the pandemic, were not in our financial planning. We continue to assist patients with cancer, those who have severe heart conditions and need follow-up, those who need hemodialysis and many others. Our costs have risen a lot due to the pandemic, and we need the support of our investors in this fight against the coronavirus,” informs the executive director of the Hospital, Ety Cristina Forte Carneiro.


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