Edition 1
Pequeno Príncipe Hospital has prepared an ICU and 48 beds to receive patients with COVID-19
Stay at home
Keeping vaccination up to date is crucial for children’s health
Edition 2
Research Institute team integrates worldwide project on coronavirus
COVID-19 Report
Pequeno Príncipe staff receives intense training to fight the coronavirus
Edition 3
Pequeno Príncipe needs support to face the coronavirus
COVID-19 Report
Cancellation of surgeries causes a severe drop in Hospital revenue
Edition 4
Pequeno Príncipe develops a tool to foresee demand for ICU beds in coping with COVID-19
COVID-19 Report
Ovo Project supports the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital
Edition 5
Pequeno Príncipe’s Genomic Lab conducts tests to detect coronavirus
COVID-19 Report
Pequeno Príncipe takes part in the Virtual March for Science in Brazil
Edition 6
2-year-old patient wins the battle against the coronavirus while recovering from transplant
COVID-19 Report
Companies, governments and individuals support the Pequeno Príncipe in the fight against the coronavirus
Edition 7
Pequeno Príncipe prepares to resume essential elective surgeries
COVID-19 Report
Pequeno Príncipe innovates in remote assessment to maintain ONA (National Accreditation Organization) certification
Edition 8
Pequeno Príncipe performs heart transplantation during the coronavirus pandemic
COVID-19 Report
During the pandemic, Pequeno Príncipe qualifies Brazilian hospitals around the rational use of antibiotics
Edition 9
Coronavirus pandemic advances in the South region of Brazil and impacts Pequeno Príncipe
COVID-19 Report
Robust program takes care of the mental health of Pequeno Príncipe’s staff
Edition 10
Worldwide coronavirus research seeks volunteers
COVID-19 Report
Pequeno Príncipe guarantees the patient’s right to have a companion, even in cases of COVID-19
Edition 11
Researchers work on the development of antibodies against the coronavirus
COVID-19 Report
57% of first semester transplants were done during the pandemic
Edition 12
Pequeno Príncipe launches the Gala 2020 – A Journey of Hope
COVID-19 Report
Pequeno Príncipe formalizes the Innovation Office
Edition 13
Pequeno Príncipe assists patients with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
COVID-19 Report
Pequeno Príncipe’s Oncology Service maintains normal care during the pandemic
Edition 14
Baby with neurodegenerative disease receives revolutionary therapy at Pequeno Príncipe Hospital
COVID-19 Report
Scientists discover genetic and immunological causes of severe forms of COVID-19
Edition 15
You and Pequeno Príncipe make the difference in many lives!
Edition 16
Pequeno Príncipe Gala mobilizes Hospital supporters in an innovative way
COVID-19 Report
Full face masks reduce the need for intubation
Edition 17
A year of overcoming

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