Edition 1
Cases of COVID-19 in children and adolescents had an outstanding increase by early 2022
Pequeno Príncipe reaches a historical mark in the number of transplants
Scientists from the Pelé Pequeno Príncipe Research Institute create bioactive bandages
Edition 2
Learnings brought by the COVID-19 pandemic help to reduce mortality rate
Pequeno Príncipe launches a high technology service to identify mobility problems
Equipment enabled by the funds raised at the Pequeno Príncipe Gala supports research and healthcare activities
Edition 3
William is a former patient and is fulfilling his dream of becoming a lyrical singer
Virtual reality glasses help fight pain
After hospitalization for COVID-19, brothers discover rare disease
Edition 4
Campaign sheds light on the underfunding and Brazilian crisis of charitable hospitals
The Research Institute contributes to WHO Project
Pequeno Príncipe assisted in more than 600 cases of violence in 2021
Edition 5
Pequeno Príncipe starts TV campaign to raise funds
3D printing contributes to the planning of orthopedic surgeries
Pequeno Príncipe Gala celebrates the reunion for life
Edition 6
Shortage of specialized hospitals leads families to cross Brazil in search of care
Growth in COVID-19 cases and high drug prices mark the first half of the year
Scientists are developing mouth gel to treat mucositis
Edition 7
Pequeno Príncipe is one of the hospitals that most perform surgeries on children in Brazil
Telemedicine will benefit children and adolescents from vulnerable areas
Scientists develop 3D lung alveoli to test drugs
Edition 8
Cost of the 10 most used drugs in the Hospital not fully covered by the Brazilian Public Health System exceeds US$ 500,000 per year
Medical residency programs train 130 professionals per year
Only 8% of clinical trials with drugs are focused on pediatrics
Edition 9
After two years, Pequeno Príncipe Gala is held in person once again
Pequeno Príncipe Interventional Radiology performs unprecedented surgery in Brazil
With a falling budget, investing in research in Brazil is a challenge
Edition 10
Pediatric care by the Brazilian Public Health System: why is funding so challenging?
Engagement in generous actions increases worldwide
Research wants to identify how to avoid relapses in the treatment of leukemias with BMT
Edição 11
Challenges and hope leave a mark in the year at Pequeno Príncipe