Little Prince Complex

Every child has the right to a Healthy and Happy Life

Little Prince Complex, with 95-year history, stands tall among global pediatric hospital centers for the excellence of its patient care, advances in science, teaching of new generations of medical professionals, and bringing art and culture to bear on treating individual children, thus helping them to lead long, healthy and happy lives. The Complex is located in Curitiba, Brazil, in the southern state of Paraná.

Little Prince Complex consists of a world-class hospital, a college for health professionals, and a state-of-the art research institute, all working together for the health and well-being of children and adolescents:

  • The largest pediatric hospital in Brazil
  • 32 medical specialties
  • 390 beds, 62 in ICU
  • 9 clinical research protocols
  • A global player in finding cures for childhood disease
  • 68 residents, 174 medical students
  • An advocate for child-friendly medical care

Little Prince Complex collaborates with other pediatric centers around the world on basic research, on exchange of doctors and other medical professionals, and on new management techniques that benefit patients and their families. As a result, it has become a resource for all the citizens of Brazil and beyond. Our supporters, both individuals and organizations, are far and wide.