Social Mobilization

Little Prince Complex plays an active role in influencing public policy concerning the rights of children and adolescents by participating actively in official debates and attending meetings and fora on the state and national levels. In addition, Little Prince participates in education campaigns focusing on prevention, early diagnosis, and social inclusion. Following are some of the campaigns in which we participate:

Special Days and Campaigns

World Health Day: Observation internally and externally on April 7.

Anti-Violence Campaign: Called “Violence Cannot Scar the Future of Children,” the program helps healthcare and education professionals to diagnose, face, and prevent violence against children and adolescents.

“Project Life” against Cancer and Infant AIDS: A public information campaign helps to educate the public about diagnosing, treating, and curing these diseases.

Grow Healthy: The program provides medical and psychological follow-up for children and adolescents who have had serious diseases. Following are some of the program’s components: Program of Continuous Education for Diabetics, Adolescence and Sexuality, At-Risk Baby.

Participation in Official Councils and Fora

Little Prince Complex personnel are a major influence for promoting and maintaining rights of children and adolescents through participation in the following bodies and others:
CEDCA (State Children and Adolescents Rights Council)
COMTIBA (Municipal Children and Adolescents Rights Council)
National and State Children and Adolescents Right Forum

UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

Brazil is one of 191 nations working for the realization of the MDGs. Little Prince Complex joined the movement in 2004 to contribute to the movement through several of its on-going programs, such as Support House; School Assistance for Patients in Treatment; the Women’s Health Program; Comprehensive and Caring Healthcare; Children’s Daycare Center for Employees; the Participant Family Program; Research by Pelé Little Prince Research Institute on Complex Disease; Waste Management and Energy Efficiency.