Health Assistance

Health_Assistance_2In medicine, the capacity of finding a solution with a team sensitive to human care, and professionally qualified, added to investments in technology, are the determining factors to assure the right to life.

The Pequeno Príncipe Hospital is a national reference in the high complexity pediatric assistance, standing out as a leading technological center and excellence in clinical and surgical procedures in the following areas:

Pediatric Surgery

They are the most frequent surgical procedures and include the accomplishment of high complexity procedures. The service started in the 1930’s and nowadays accomplishes more than 6,000 surgeries every year.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

It is the only Brazilian pediatric hospital which offers complete cardiac clinical and surgical services. It was a pioneer in pediatric cardiac transplant in Paraná. It accomplishes around 700 surgeries per year, and has an exclusive ICU with 18 beds equipped with leading technology.

Hepatology and Liver Transplant

It has accomplished liver transplants in children and adolescents since 2000. Nowadays, the Pequeno Príncipe is responsible for around 10% of the pediatric liver transplants performed in Brazil.

Nephrology and Kidney Transplant

The service is a national and international reference, and assists patients from all over the country. It has been performing transplants since 1989, and it has one of the most successful experiences worldwide in pediatric kidney transplants with augmented bladders.


The newly born ICU has 16 beds available, being the main reference in Paraná for surgical patients. The unit receives premature babies in their first month of life, babies who have congenital malformation, among other serious diseases.

Neurology and Neurosurgery

It performs epilepsy surgeries and is the second exclusively pediatric center in Brazil to offer the procedure without any costs to the patient. It calls attention to the craniofacial anomaly reconstructive surgeries.


Created in the 1960’s, the service assists the majority of children with cancer in Paraná. Every year, around 100 new patients start the treatment which offers from laboratorial support and image exams to surgery and chemotherapy.


It is a national reference and offers treatment to the malformation from the vertebral column, hip congenital diseases, and congenital clubfoot. It also performs bone transplants (grafting). The service performs around 2,000 surgeries every year.