Little Prince Hospital

Hospital_Presentation_2Little Prince Hospital is a nonprofit Pediatric Specialties Center that combines medical excellence and intense dedication to patient well being. Founded in 1919, we are a trusted resource for children’s health throughout Latin America.

The hospital houses disease specialty units; inpatient and emergency services; diagnostic rooms; intensive care units (ICU); medication research; and a surgical center. But Little Prince is more than a hospital.

For some people it is also a temporary home, a school for children, adolescents, and their families, and for physicians, nurses, and residents. It sometimes feels like a park. At first glance, it even looks like a meeting place: one sees mothers, fathers, relatives, boys and girls moving around or sitting down somewhere for a chat, to draw, to read, play, and wait…

Little Prince Hospital is a place where silence and concentration, play and agitation, waiting and assistance, pain and relief, cries and laughter, hastiness and care and, last but not least, the hard struggle for life – go hand in hand. Amid this whirlwind of activities and emotions, one thing stands out: deep compassion and commitment to medical excellence for everyone who steps through the Little Prince Hospital doors.