SustainabilityThe Little Prince Complex is committed to providing the best in medical assistance, education, and scientific research – as well as maintaining economic and financial stability. This equation is not a simple one, but it is essential for the success and survival of the institution.

The current Brazilian healthcare scenario is undergoing a historic consolidation of the National Unified Healthcare System (SUS), which provides free healthcare for 75% of the country’s population – and complementary private healthcare services. At Little Prince Hospital, approximately 70% of its capacity is devoted by law to patients who come from SUS; however, only 65% of the costs are covered by SUS.

Even though Little Prince Complex has its own strategies to make the most of its resources, inevitably this scenario takes its toll. Taking into account the insufficiency of SUS funding and the ever-growing need for high-complexity health services, there is a significant need for new funding to increase revenues and, most of all, to improve the quality of the services delivered, including the allocation of funds for specific programs and projects. Thus, the help that comes from investors and supporters is essential. For description of special programs – large and small – that need funding, follow the link to Donation page.

The performance of the Complex in recent years demonstrates that innovative, quality healthcare can be achieved in a complex economic environment. Growth is always the sum of the parts involved.