On October 26, 1919, the Child Care and Hygiene Institute, later to become Little Prince Complex, was born. From its earliest days, the Institute revealed its potential as a key health care provider for children and adolescents in Brazil – a reputation that is as strong as ever today.

Here are just a few of the many historic milestones in the history of Little Prince Complex:

  • 1919 –Beginning of activities
  • 1930 – The hospital was completed and began receiving patients
  • 1971 – Little Prince Hospital was established
  • 1998 – Little Prince became the first hospital in the State of Paraná to be accredited
  • 2003 – Founding of Little Prince College
  • 2006 – Founding of Pelé Little Prince Research Institute
  • 2011 – Opening of a new oncology wing
  • 2012 – First bone marrow transplant
  • 2013 – Planning for the new integrated Little Prince Campus; approval of a new undergraduate degree course

What started as a single institution has transformed into three units: Little Prince Hospital, Little Prince College and the Pelé Little Prince Research Institute. Together they comprise the largest children’s and adolescents’ health complex in Brazil.