CoursesLittle Prince College offers the following curricula:

Undergraduate Courses

– Biomedicine: The first biomedicine course created in Curitiba, it develops professionals who can confidently enter areas such as clinical analysis, blood banks, and chemical and biological industries.

– Nursing: The sum of Little Prince’s 95 years of experience in nursing education, the course prepares students for work in all key areas of the field, with an emphasis on humanization of patients.

– Medicine: Students experience a comprehensive technical and scientific curriculum that is combined with an understanding of social responsibility and patient care.

– Pharmacy: The course covers the science of medicines, as well as clinical and toxicological analysis.

– Psychology: Offering a comprehensive and integrated view of the psychological process, the course is a blend of science, ethics and social transformation.

Specialization Courses

– Audit of Hospitals, Services, Systems, and Health Insurance;
– Hospital and Health Psychology;
– Clinical Pharmacy;
– Nursing with Emphasis in Pediatrics and Newborn Intensive Care;
– Health Management;
– Urgency and Emergency;
– Molecular Biology;
– Clinical Research;
– Third Sector Entities Management.

Post-Graduate Programs

Master’s and doctorate degrees in Biotechnology Applied to the Health of Child and Adolescent.

Medical Residencies and Professional Training & Development

These programs provide continuous training and development of physicians in several different specialties, such as childhood and adolescent psychiatry, intensive pediatric medicine, and pediatric anesthesiology.